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Giving Exclusive Look To Your Space With Our Innovative Pieces Of Furniture And Interior Designing Services
About Us

Good vibe, serene room, calming atmosphere, comfortable sitting & working area, visually appealing design, attractive decoration of space, well-utilization of space to make available more space, are all interlinked. And the connectors that link all these are two things, interior designing and furniture. Making sure that the craft-based design supports many human activities and attractive looking space brings solace to one's mind and body is what 'Wood Stuffs' has been focusing upon since our inception in the year 2015.

Being a manufacturer of Wooden Office Furniture, Modular Kitchen, Modular Workstation, and more and a service provider of Kitchen Decor Services, Office Furniture Designing Services, and more, we think it is our responsibility to give customers a space that they have been thinking of from many years. We create extraordinary pieces of furniture that supports 'a healthy and happy living'.

It takes many years to save for building a home, buying a big piece of furniture and getting designed a space according to the preference and trend. Knowing that the saving is a hard earned money, we make sure that customers money is spent on the right product and perfect style, so that it can give an excellent return on investment.

How We Work?

Wood Stuffs way of doing work be it fabrication of Wooden office Furniture or Modular Kitchen or rendering services is slightly different from other companies. The method that we use pleases a lot of people, but to all of them what pleases the most is our work and dedication with which we work.
In the steps given below, customers are hinted how we proceed for an order:
  • Site visiting (fee) to see and suggest which design will best suit the space and need of the customer
  • Our site supervisor takes measurements of the site
  • At showroom, we discuss designs with clients what design want or like the best
  • Settling on the design opted by the customers and discussion on payment
  • 60% Advance payment to confirm the design
  • Starting of production work and a provisional delivery date is given
  • Final polishing and grinding takes place after complete space structure is made
  • Final review of kitchen modules by customers and the balance payment
(Note: The charges of sanitary works, civil works, installation of sink, chimney and ducting are excluded.)
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